Texas Legato for your next event!

Information and Rules and Regulations for the rental of Texas Legato follows as such. Feel free to call us for reservations and with any additional questions at 512-556-9600:

The rental of Texas Legato can include: the Tasting Room, Outdoor Patio and Yard Space. Texas Legato tasting room is only available to rent after normal operational hours. The patio can be rented/reserved from 10 am 'til 10pm. Hours are subject to change, depending upon the date and the time of year. Special arrangements can be made for facility rental on other days and alternate times. Rates may be subject to change.

Event rental is for four hours. Anything over four hours is an additional $50 per hour. Price includes use of all Texas Legato tables, bar stools, chairs, which seat approximately 75 people. Additional seating will need to be rented and brought in. The wine bar will be open during your event for available purchases of wine by the glass, or the bottle upon request.

Venue prices for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Reunions, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Retirement and Anniversary celebrations and more are:

Tasting Room only: $75 (must be scheduled after regular hours of operation)          Outdoor Patio area only: $100                                                                                          Tasting Room, Outdoor Patio & Yard: $200

Outdoor Kitchen rental: $50

All Weddings: $350                                                                                                              The Wedding Rehearsal is an additional $150 for parties of 12 or less. Price includes: Appetizers, Wine Tasting, and a glass of wine. $10 for each additional person attending.

Texas Legato can also assist in finding and securing other vendors for your event, including a Caterer, Florist, Baker, DJ, Photographer, etc.

No other alcohol besides the wine Texas Legato provides is allowed on the property of Texas Legato. Any other alcohol on the property of Texas Legato other than the wine Texas Legato provides is against TABC laws and is a breach of the rental agreement which could result in the event being terminated immediately.

Absolutely no alcohol will be served to, or consumed by any person under 21 years of age. The bar will be closed immediatelly if the winery staff observes under age guests consuming alcohol or if guests appear to be intoxicated. The Texas Legato staff reserves the right to refuse to serve any event guest.

Wine will be poured by Texas Legato staff behind the bar between the hours of your event stated on the contract with last call 30 minutes prior to the event's end.

The Event Facilitator/Coordinator will have access to Texas Legato on the date of the event any time after 10am to allow time for any extra decorating and organization. This is not the event time, and guests are not allowed to arrive at Texas Legato until the function is scheduled to start. Please remember, Texas Legato's normal Tasting Room hours are Thurs-Mon 12-5 (T/W closed). During normal operating hours, there will be wine tastings, tours and other things going on, but other options are available to make your event more private on those days, and during those times.

All functions are given 1 hour after the event for tear down, and to clean up anything which was not provided by Texas Legato, or was moved around for the event. The winery must be cleaned, and the parking lot cleared before the event coordinators leave.

All event facilitators, coordinators, and/or representatives are responsible for tearing down and cleaning up anything that was not provided by Texas Legato, or that was moved around for the event. This includes, but is not limited to: center pieces, tables decorations, flowers, plates, napkins, food items, etc.

A 50% facility rental deposit and a $100.00 refundable security deposit are required to reserve a date. All facility rental deposits are non-refundable upon cancellation. 

Reservations are NOT guaranteed until receipt of deposit. The remaining balance of the facility rental fee is due 15 days prior to the date of the event, unless prior arrangements have been made. Texas Legato reserves the right to cancel any event for non-payment.

The $100.00 security deposit will be voided after your event is completed if there are no damages to Texas Legato, or to Texas Legato's property, and if there was no breach in the Rules and Regulations.

Any damages to the winery, or it's property, will be the financial responsibility of the event facilitator, coordinator, representative or person whose signature is on the contract.

Photographs are allowed to be taken during events. We appreciate the opportunity to post photos provided by the event on our website and social media.

Texas Legato is a Non-Smoking facility. Guests may smoke outside in designated areas.


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